History of KTSA


Ok here it is the Brief history of KTSA.
We are indeed the KTSA "Knights That Say Arse", This name originated from one of the best films around "Monty Python's The Holy Grail" The Knights that say Neeeeee with the obvious change.

Myself (Wickit) and Jon decided to set up a clan in 1999 after much thought on the idea, so I went ahead and registered the domain www.ktsa.co.uk.
After much work on the first attempt at a website (not the best in the world I'll tell ya) We were up and running as it were.
So off we went a recruiting. (At this point i should tell you that the clan evolved around Unreal Tournament)Many many members later (Around 40 at peak). Things started to go wrong, I think we just got too big what with that and not having a server I decided to pull the plug, at which point a few of the key members join a Clan by the name of [FART] based in Germany these guys are cool and respect for them, as I know they are still going strong and are doing well in the Unreal Tournament circles.......

So what happened ?
Well after playing Counter-Strike for a while I thought what the fuck lets get the clan back up and running.
So I did , and with a complete revamp of the website

Next again the clan started falling apart, peeps going off starting their own clan etc, so i thought feck it ill start a gaming community, eeeekk that didn't last long, i eventually got a server running and got the webby back up to date, more & more people said wickit get clan running again so i did.

Now we have a new Chapter in KTSA history
As of Feb 2003 we are now a DoD Clan,
Unfortunately i lost the KTSA domain in may of the same year....... But after a lot of dealing i got it back
So its now August 2003 and we have good old www.ktsa.co.uk back
Plus a lovely shiny new website ....

OK so its now 2011
OMG so much has changed since the early days, dod is dead, well sort of
The main players are still about, and I'm sure will continue to play ..........
We meet on Thursday nights to play games now, depending on what's released and depending on the mood.
But I'm sure most of the time we end up playing CS or Worms

Roll on 4 years and we are still playing, Can’t believe we are still playing as a gaming group in 2015…..
Heres looking to another 16 years playing games…………...